Jennifer Anne Forster



~     If you are needing Direction and Guidance in your Life then I am glad you found my site. I have been helping others with the Guidance of  Spirit through Intuitive Consultation/Readings and Life Coaching Professionally for over 20 years.  I am very Blessed to have been given this Gift in order to assist others on their path. I have helped many Women and Men Empower themselves,  their Relationships and their Lives! 

  ~    If you are looking for a way to Free Yourself from Weight, Smoking, or any other Addictions or Habits you no Longer want then I can help you with to Rid them from your Life Entirely, Quickly and Effortlessly with Hypnotherapy!

Empower Yourself 


I Love helping People!

It is truly My Life Path and Calling!

I Feel Blessed and Honored to be of Service to you.....

 Intuitive Consultant - Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

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